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net10 , Sonoma County's first ISP to offer an e-commerce solution, announces the release of e-cart™.

e-cart™ is a commerce application development tool specifically for catalogers, retailers, direct marketers, and manufacturers selling their products and services on the Internet

e-cart™ Summary

e-cart™ is based upon Microsoft's .net platform. This platform is a completely new set of tools for working on web-based projects. It is by far the most powerful collection of tools ever created for the web. e-cart™ is based upon a combination of Microsoft's Windows 2008 Advanced Servers, SQL 2008 database servers, and the .net platform.

e-cart™ features 

  • Complete Web-based Management System.
  • User Definable Categories.
  • User Definable Products and Product Classifications.
  • Automatic updates for Sale Tax for Each State and County.
  • Complete Control of Shippable States and Countries.
  • Product Up-selling with Associations.
  • Complete Sales Reporting.
  • Multiple Payments Types.
  • Customizable Shopping Cart.
  • Mailing List Management.

Management System 

  • All product management via a secure data entry section.
  • User definable levels of secure access for reporting, inventory control, product management and up-selling sections.

Product Categories

  • User definable product categories with master categories.
  • Ability to change categories names and associations.

Product Management

  • User definable discounts structure per product.
  • User definable quantity discounts per product.
  • Ability to group products for discounts.
  • User definable shipping rate per product.
  • Special age and/or shipping restrictions per product.
  • Product associations and up-selling.
  • Inventory control per product.

User Categories

  • Security based on user login level.
  • All discount options variable by user category.
  • Site "experience" variable by user category including product sets and page sets.
  • Secure site access based upon user category.
  • Online user categories can be integrated with external customer management and/or tracking scheme.

Sales Taxes

  • User definable sales taxes per state, per county.
  • User definable products exempt from taxes.


  • User definable shipping rates.
  • Shipping rules for product types.
  • User definable shipping methods.
  • Product suppression for state and country.
  • Real time shipping rates from UPS.
  • Multiple ship to addresses.

Inventory Control 

  • Inventory control on a per products basis.
  • Inventory reports and low inventory warning via e-mail.

Product Up-selling and Associations 

  • Ability to arbitrarily associate products for cross selling.
  • Ability to recommend other products to purchase based upon products chosen and customers past buying habits.
  • Formula based products associating and cross selling.

Sales Reports

  • Daily sales reports
  • Weekly sales reports
  • Monthly sales reports
  • Product reports
  • Product category reports

Multiple Payments Options

  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Checks
  • Money Orders
  • Gift Certificates
  • Purchase Orders
  • Approved vendors on account.

Customizable Shopping Cart

  • User definable graphics and wording.
  • User definable custom data entry fields.
  • User definable age and state restrictions for certain products.
  • User definable shipping options ( ie UPS, Fed Ex, Next Day Air.) 
  • Gift messages and special shipping instructions.
  • Ability to inform customer of shipping date and tracking number.
  • Custom cart modifications per request.

Mailing List Management

  • Ability to send targeted e-mails to clients based upon their location and/or products purchased.
  • Ability to track e-mail campaigns

e-cart™ Security Security is based upon a state-of-the-art 128 bit digital certificate and SSL encryption. All files on the web servers are encrypted using .net and Microsoft's encryption technologies. All credit card information is stored on a VPN (virtual private network) that can only be accessed locally. This means the credit card information is never exposed to the web.

e-cart™ Stability We have design and implemented a new web server farm of web servers and SQL 2008 servers. The web farms consist of Dell servers running Windows 2008 Enterprise Server, Application Center load balancing software. net10's servers, network and Internet backbone are monitored 24X7.

Backbone Specs

  • 100 mbps connection to main router. 
  • 3 fiber connection to over 100 peering agreements.
  • Controlled and secure environment.
  • Redundant air conditioning systems.
  • Battery back-up and Diesel generators on site.

For more information on e-cart™ and complete e-commerce solutions for selling your products and services on the Internet, call net10 today at (707) 575-3341.



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