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HIPAA Compliance Solutions
net10 is now offering HIPAA, Credit Card, and Social Security compliance solutions.

Refer a business associate and enjoy the rewards. Click here to review the details. Money

We now offer high end Virtual Private Servers (VPS). We offer managed Windows and UNIX servers. All servers are running upon the VMware platform, net10 is one of the best locations to host VPS servers. High speeds, redundant power, redundant networks, amazing uptime. Please call us for pricing.

A better e-commerce solution
We have launched our new shopping cart system. e-cart™ is not just the next generation of shopping cart software; it's a set of entirely new state-of-the-industry applications. e-cart™ is based upon Microsoft's latest technologies. More.......

We have completed the move of our primary data center to Level(3) in San Clara. Level(3) is a level 1 data center and has 100% uptime since 2002. Our services will benefit with increased reliability and speed. Level(3) also has the most reliable network.

We offer UNIX hosting with cPanel 11.50.0 cPanel 11.50.0 is the leading control panel for UNIX and offers a great selection of tools and programs for your hosting needs. Click here for hosting information.

We also offer Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla hosting running on UNIX with cPanel 11.50.0.

We have installed monitoring software for our networks. It checks our primary servers every 5 minutes. You can view this report at: http://www.net10.net/status. We will continue to add servers and services to this report.

Spam and virus protection provided by:

net10 is a proud reseller for Red Condor/EdgeWave
Please call us for pricing or signup for the 30 day free trial.



We specialize in enterprise web, email and database hosting.

We are fully prepared to handle all your hosting needs.
We offer the latest platforms for your hosting needs.
Programming languages to support your needs:

net10 news:

September 2017
Upgrade all cPanel servers
Upgrade core routers
Upgrade FTP software
Upgrade VmWare servers
Install new Windows 2016 server
Upgrade Red Condor spam filtering
Replace hard drives in 4 server clusters
April 2017
Upgrade all cPanel servers to CloudLinux
Upgrade all cPanel server to CloudLinux KernelCare
Install three new VMWare 6.5 Clusters
Install three new Windows 2016 web servers
Install new Windows SQL 2016 server
Full support for PCI compliance
December 2016
Install two new cPanel servers running CloudLinux
Upgrade cPanel servers
Upgrade four DNS servers
Install two new Windows 2016 servers
Install new firewall servers
Replace hard drives in 3 VMWare clusters
Upgrade core routers
Upgrade Red Condor spam filtering
Upgrade FTP software
September 2016
Install new cPanel server running CloudLinux
Upgrade cPanel servers
Upgrade DNS servers
Replace hard drives in VMWare cluster
July 2016
Install new primary firewall
Upgrade cPanel servers
Upgrade FTP software
Replace hard drives in VM server cluster
Upgrade backup software
Upgrade DNS servers
February 2016
Install new cPanel server
Install new VMware server
Install new PowerVault for storage
Install two new DNS servers
Update DNS servers
Install Trustwave mod-security on cPanel servers
Install Veeam backup server
Install Rockstor backup server
Install new Windows 2012 R2 servers
Install new network monitoring server

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