About Net10.Net

We opened our doors in 1995 and have been going strong ever since.
Net10.Net systems are state-of-the-art, secure, and highly available.
Privacy and customer service are our priority, with all services supported
from our headquarters in Prescott, Arizona.

Cloud Hosting Solutions Since 1995

Founded in 1995, Net10 Internet Services is a service provider specializing in hosting services for web sites, Intranets, databases, e-commerce, email, and email security/compliance. Net10 offers hosting on both Linux and Windows platforms, in addition to a full range of virtual and dedicated servers to meet the demands of any project. Unlike organizations utilizing major “cloud” providers, Net10 owns 100% of our hosting infrastructure and can ensure complete privacy and security of your data. Privacy is one of our core values and we take the privacy of your data very seriously. We never eavesdrop or sell your data.

Our primary datacenter in Phoenix, AZ is located in a naturally catastrophic disaster-free zone. Just in case, our Ashburn, VA facility stands ready to provide backup services in the event of an issue.

Custom Cloud Hosting


Legacy Application & Server Hosting

Managed Windows & Linux Hosting

Web Hosting

Email Hosting, Security, and Compliance

As a small business, every account is important to us and we are incredibly humbled by the loyalty of our customer base and the friendships we have built through the years. In a time when enormous, faceless corporations are competing to hoard your data and provide outsourced overseas technical support, Net10 remains true to our “old school” values of customer service and relationships that stand the test of time.

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