Email Hosting

Net10’s email hosting allows your organization to use branded “” email addresses to project a professional image. Net10’s email hosting features a web-based control panel to add, remove, and update your own email accounts coupled with a robust email security package to keep junkmail, viruses, and phishing attempts out of your inbox and out of your way.

Best of all, Net10 is 100% focused on the privacy and security of your data. We will never harvest, collect, analyze, sell, or do anything else unsavory with your personal or business data.

Web-Based Control Panel

POP/IMAP/Web and Mobile Access

Privacy and Security Focused

Daily Backups

Robust Email Security Suite

Standard Email

  • POP/IMAP access
  • Full-featured webmail client
  • Management panel to add/remove/change mailboxes and features
  • Email Security including anti-spam/anti-virus/anti-phish
  • 100% privacy – Net10 doesn’t index, monitor, steal, sell, or borrow your private email communications to market to you or sell you anything
  • 100% backed up – Net10 maintains full backups and can assist you with recovering lost data
  • Service for small organizations starting at $15/month

Premium Email

  • All features of Standard Email, plus:
  • Microsoft ActiveSync compatibility for Outlook and Mobile synchronization of both email and calendars
  • Shared calendars and resources
  • Private chat/instant messaging with your team
  • Service for small organizations starting at $25/month

Our Premium Email offering is a great alternative to Office 365 or G Suite at an attractive price and featuring real data backups and assistance in recovering your data in the event of any problems. Major cloud providers rarely offer any guarantees that your data is backed up or protected against any threat other than a complete failure of their system. That means if you are hit with a ransomware attack and lose access to your critical data stored in their environment, they have no obligation to help you recover! Net10 will always stand by our customers and assist in the recovery of any data that we host.