WordPress Optimized Hosting

Introducing WPExtreme™ – WordPress Optimized Hosting
Next-Level WordPress performance backed by Net10’s decades of experience and personalized support.

Know Your Cloud

Superior Flexibility, Performance, and Support
100% privacy & security of your data
The latest technology with human support and old-school service
Reduce complexity and expense by using our infrastructure
Work with a cloud hosting provider who knows you and your business by name

Email Security Solutions

Protect your inbox and focus on your business
Protection from phishing, viruses, and junk mail
Works flawlessly with Net10 email or your existing email solution
100% supported by our US-based team

Net10 SecureVPN

Secure your communications – from anywhere
Eliminate eavesdropping and data collection by your ISP or mobile provider
Use public WiFi without worry of data compromise

Email Without Eavesdropping

Keep your private communications, well, private…
Major email providers collect your data, sell it, and use it to market to you.
Net10 owns and operates all of its own systems and will never harvest or sell your private data.

Net10.Net Cloud Solutions

Net10 is a provider of cloud solutions for nearly any application. We specialize in web hosting, WordPress hosting, email hosting and security, database hosting, and custom infrastructure.

Net10 provides shared domain registration, web hosting solutions, Virtual Private Servers (VPS), custom private cloud solutions, and colocation.

All services are supported from our US headquarters and backed by a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

WP Extreme WordPress Optimized Hosting - Next-Level WordPress Performance

Introducing WPExtreme™

Take your WordPress sites to the next level with WPExtreme™ WordPress-optimized hosting.

ExpressVPN Online Security

Upgrade Your Security

Net10 highly recommends ExpressVPN as an additional layer to your security protocol. Prevent other users on your wireless network, phone companies, Internet providers, and malicious actors from intercepting your Internet traffic.

Why Choose Us

We like to think we’re pretty good at what we do since we’ve been doing it for 25 years. As a small business, every account matters to us. We genuinely value your business and the trust you place in us.

We are focused on high quality, high availability, and a superior level of customer service. We are also the most privacy-centric legitimate hosting operator you will find. We don’t harvest, sell, mine, or “anything else” your data. We use your contact information to bill you for service and to contact you if there’s a problem – that’s it.

Best of all, every service we provide is built, developed, hosted, and supported here. We never outsource our support or customer service.