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Dynamic Web Site Design & Development

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net10 partners and staff offer years of experience and knowledge in the areas of design, advertising & marketing, graphic arts, web site development, e-commerce services, computer programming, and Internet hosting. These are the tools used to develop a credible web presence. We strive to create unique & professional web sites that express the business, services and products of our clients in an interactive, user-friendly manner and place well in search engine rankings. 

Our team will work closely with you in the planning stages of your web site. We can recommend design and programming features that create the most functional and effective site possible for your business. 

The first step in developing a web presence is to define the main and secondary functions you want your site to include. Do you want primarily name branding, or is direct selling without customer contact your priority? Is providing more traditional methods of customer contact (i.e. phone & fax) all that is needed, or do you need to gather "demographics" from your customer? 

When developing a site, we strive to help you plan for a site that loads quickly, is user friendly, and most importantly . . . a site that places high in search engine ranking. There are no limits to what a web site can accomplish. Proper planning of your site gives you the opportunity to use the most powerful marketing tool to come along in decades.

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Web Site Design

Attractive and functional web sites don't just happen. They are created. And the one thing all good web sites have in common is the proper use of design elements. 

Basic Design Elements
Aesthetics, Design & Layout 
Logos & Graphics 
Ease of Navigation 

Colors, white space, type fonts, background elements, and graphics are the "artistic" elements of a web site. Just like a printed ad campaign, the proper use of these elements creates web sites that are pleasing to the eye and have a professional appearance.

Proper layout (or how elements on the page are positioned with one another) not only helps to improve the aesthetics of the page, but it also helps the customer navigate your site more easily. Since most "customers" view web sites on 15" monitors at 800x600 resolution, it's important to have your home page (the first page your customer sees) be user friendly. In other words, the customer needs to be able to immediately use navigational bars (or menus) to get more detailed information about your product or service. 

Unlike the printed page, a web page can be as long as you want. However it is best to limit the amount of scrolling that a visitor has to do to reach the bottom. We recommend a limit of 5 screens. Text can be provided to us electronically via e-mail, on a floppy disk, zip disk, or printed. Printed pages will incur additional charges. Text should be in its final form or there will be charges for editing. 

Logos and Graphics
Unlike the print media, the web brings several limitations to the graphic artist. A top quality logo that looks great in print, will not always look the same on the web. Knowing this, we can design or modify your logos specifically for the web. We optimize graphics to minimize the load time and therefore create the best possible blend of quality and speed. An attractive logo or home-page graphic will greatly increase the professional look of your web site. Remember, in business you can never make a second first impression. We also offer design packages to develop a new identity or brand. 

Main Page Graphics
Your front page is the door to your site and must be inviting. It should give the visitor a feel for who you are and the purpose of your site. Designing just the right look is important in representing your business, services and products. We recommend that this page is designed to change frequently and highlight features of the site.

Second Level Title Graphics
This is the main graphics for the interior pages. The second level title graphic serves several different purposes. Often it incorporates navigation. It provides a title for the page and helps to provide continuity for the site. 

Navigation Graphics
Navigation is achieved through the use of buttons or text, often down the side, or along the top of each page, incorporating bars, image maps, and text links. Most sites benefit from a combination of these methods, ensuring that all visitors are able to take advantage of your entire site. 

Photos & Graphics
A web site can be greatly enhanced with the placement of appropriate photos or graphics. Though a picture may be worth a thousand words, on the web that picture will take much longer to download. It is vitally important that all images convey the ideas necessary while not causing long wait times for your visitors. We are very adept at reducing images to their minimum size while maintaining an acceptable picture quality. When large images are necessary, thumbnails are best employed. 
Photos and graphics are appreciated in digital form. We can scan any images you already have or we can assist you in finding the appropriate images from our image libraries. 

Online Catalog Design
We specialize in e-commerce web sites. A well organized layout of your products with user friendly forms and functional shopping cart interface, are key elements in successful sales. 

Other Design Features
Some commonly used design and database features include: roll-over buttons, banners, animated graphics, flash graphics, links, pop-up titles, search, video and sound. These and others are used to add interest and move the visitor through the site in a more interactive manner. 

E-Mail Link
Links to your e-Mail address are provided on every page of your site for the convenience of your visitors. 

Contact Us & Response Forms
The easiest way for your visitors to contact you is with an e-mail response form. If you are in the business of selling, it is an excellent way for a customer to ask for more information about a product or service. Since you can ask for their name, address, and phone number it is a good way for you to develop a database of potential customers. 

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Web Site Development

Web site Programming
To design a web site is one thing, to program it is another. The programming language used on the Internet is called hypertext markup language or HTML for short. This programming can be complex depending on your web site needs. No matter how complex, all HTML programming is provided for you when you hire us to design and develop your web site.
Other programming and database abilities include:
CCS Cascading Style Sheets and Dynamic HTML
PERL Programming Language
ASP Active Server Pages
Java Script Programming Language
Microsoft's SQL 7 and Access databases with web based interaction
In addition we will check your web site for usability on a range of different computers and browsers to assure capability and functionality of all links, programs and buttons.

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Basic Web Site Marketing

Keywords, Descriptions & Meta Tags
Proper preparation of the pages with keywords, descriptions and meta tags is vital to the successful ranking of your web site with the search engines. No one wants to spend thousands of dollars on a web site and not have any new customers find it! 
The meta description tag is used to assist those search engines which are meta capable in summarizing your web site. It must tell the reader what they will find on the web site. The size of the meta description tag should be under 200 characters. 
It is also important that the first text on your pages contain a summary paragraph of your web page which can be used by the Search Engines which do not use the meta tags. It should contain the common keywords and phrases that will be used in searching for your site, and also be under 200 characters.
Better results can be obtained with the keyword meta tag by using a narrow set of keywords than with a broad set. Each page should have its own set of key words and unique description. This also means that each page needs to be registered individually with the search engines. 

Going Live, Online
Once your site is completed it will need to be put online. This can either be with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or our in-house hosting with net10. We will work with which ever option you choose to get your directories set up and your web site working. 

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Hosting & e-Commerce By net10
net10. net10 is a full service Internet Service Provider.
net10 provides connectivity and e-commerce services. 

net10 offers hosting and competitively priced e-commerce plans including plans with credit card merchant accounts and real-time credit card processing. Most important support, at net10 you will always have a direct contact and personal attention.

net10's Shopping Cart requires no programming on your web site, all programming is handled by the shopping cart. The shopping cart is fully customizable to fit all your needs and requirements for any type of product you may sell on the Internet. 

Technical Support & Training
Web site final version will be built in Microsoft's Front Page. 
Site training for use of Front Page to update your web site is available.
Microsoft's Front page retail pricing is $149.00.
Tech support of web site free of charge.
After web site is complete optional maintenance charges $75.00 per hour.

net10 can put together a maintenance package that suits your needs.

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